wheatfield with crows by Van Gogh

The world famous artists Van Gogh painted the Wheatfield with Crows in 1890, which has ever since been hailed as one of his best works and 100 most famous paintings. Many art historians claim that this was the artist’s last painting, though the topic has been up for debate. The painting is also controversial since art critics have failed to dissect the intent of the painting and the whole meaning of the elements present in the scene. The painting dimensionally is bigger than most of Van Gogh’s other pieces. It is painted on a size of two canvases and makes the sky seem like it is stretching on forever. Paintings of this dimensions are hard to find, since painters either make double height or else use bigger canvas. This rectangular painting stands out for its shape and size. Rectangular paintings are in a way good to be hung on wall panels. They should be put up in walls that are blank with no furniture to obstruct the whole width. Really helps bring out the kind of stretching effect artists try to create through double horizontal canvases.

What is in the painting?

At a first glance what hits one most about the painting is Van Gogh’s typical painting style where the colours almost lend a three dimensional effect to the scenery. If you look at any Van Gogh painting closely, even years later the paint sticks out creating bumps and ridges on the surface. Van Gogh used paint liberally using the palette knife to smear it over the canvas instead of brushes. Wheatfield is also typical of that style of expressionist painting where the details seem to be merging into each other in a tumult of colours. This technique is very popular among artists these who prefer to have their paint stand out. They also make stunning pieces for any room. It is also a great present for anybody who is having a house warming party. To have a vivid splash of colour on a plain wall is very chic and interior decorators do homes with such art only. Wheatfield’s sky reminds one of the beautiful blue of the Starry Night but the rays of the sun shine through the waves of light and dark blue. The yellow of the wheat is standard in Van Gogh as he paints the scenes of his home town. Numerous crows can be seen flying across the sky and in the distance they mix with the blue of the sky. A dirt road of sorts seem to bifurcate the mass of yellow wheat.

Symbolic nature

It is difficult to enjoy such paintings in prints as so much of the texture is lost. But if this painting catches your eye, you can commission painters to paint a similar one for you. The painting conveys a sense of desolation and a desire to go back home. In his last years the artist must have been looking for peace among all the troubles. The tumult and the sense of life in its last days is felt through it.

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