Venus of Urbino by Titian

Venus of Urbino by Titian

Completed in 1534 Titian’s Venus of Urbino is an iconic painting among lovers of high art as well as one of the most famous paintings. The Duke of has been the one of the most controversial paintings of the renaissance. The Duke of Urbino had gotten this painting done to gift his wife as a marriage present. The painter is said to have painted the piece in order to convey to the young Duchess the makings of a good wife in such a household. The figure of the painting Venus is supposed to represent the virtues of motherhood, fidelity and eroticism, all three qualities the Duke would want in his wife.

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Critics have forever been troubled by the many mysteries the Venus of Urbino seems to hide. The nude figure of the supple Venus is definitely an allegory for eroticism, which would be an obligation the Duchess must fulfil to her husband. The pale figure of Venus, goddess of love and sexual passion is a thing of beauty. Light seems to be illuminating her body from within as she stares at the viewer with strong but soft eyes. The icon for perfect womanly beauty Venus’ divine stature is all the more highlighted by the dark background. Creatures from the common human world seem to be inhabiting the background. The dog sleeping at the foot of the boudoir, the maids in the background and the trunk. She is the ideal woman of the renaissance a figure painters have gone back to again and again. Even today art critics cannot stop admiring the icon of Venus. Mythological figures have not been used much in modern paintings but high art lovers try to adorn their home with this icon of love.


Since icons like these are rarely used anymore, these paintings become all the more valuable for they speak of a bygone time in the history of art. While procuring originals of these paintings is nearly impossible, if you are interested in art a piece like this could really give a burst of new life to your collection. It can be decorated anywhere to instantly transform the spirit of the ordinary place into one graced by the beautiful Venus of Urbino. The figure has such strange eyes which follow one everywhere. A piece like this cannot be ignored by even those who do not understand or appreciate art. Pictures like these made during the renaissance and baroque age have a different gravity that is hard to find in the best of post-modern painting.

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Admirers of this kind of art are declining and pop art has found more patrons with the passage of years, pop art is also of great value but it can be a little eclectic for all tastes. Those who wish to have a touch of class and richness to their space should endorse art like these. Renaissance art is an important part of the legacy of western art, it might seem very try hard but the ethereal quality of a figure like Venus is hard to replicate by modern art.

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