Van Gogh Night Café

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Paintings enrich our house with their subtle glamour. It is essential to put up paintings in a manner that befits the décor of the house. If you can coordinate the rest of the contents of the room accordingly- the furniture, the lightings and other motifs and works of art, then the entire room can be transformed by the charm of one painting. Paintings have their own way of adding aesthetic value to your home and provide it with a personal touch. Some paintings, apart from decorative significance, are resorted to because they are infused with profound meanings and are put up in the house due to their intense literary value. Such a painting is the one described below.

Van Gogh Night Café

The Night Café is an oil painting created by the Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh in the year 1888.The painting is currently located at the Yale University Art Gallery in New Haven, Connecticut. The painting is counted as a masterpiece painting of Van Gogh as well as one of the top 100 paintings. The scene in the painting is one of a street café, painted in stark and contrasting colors of yellow, red and green. It is night time and the place seems a perfect one for night prowlers-the drunkards and the prostitutes. The stark color contrast speaks of terrible passions of humanity. Human beings lend themselves to sinful pleasures in the darkness of the night. Van Gogh has purposely chosen dark shades of colors in an oppressive combination to infuse his work with emotions of despair and condemnation. Even the white color of the landlord’s clothes look pale-yellow in the lighting of the café indicating that even people with morality would get corrupted in an immoral place like the night café. The painting is characterized by the principle of Expressionism.

Van Gogh Night Cafe

The painting as a decorative element

The painting is a great piece of art to embellish the beauty of a room. The painting, if placed in the boudoir of the living room is sure to attract the attention of the guests. The stark color contrasts used in the picture makes it appropriate for walls of light color shades. The light settings in the room can be of white or yellow colors to radiate the beauty of the painting. Further, if the furniture and other motifs present in the room can also be accordingly coordinated, its beauty would get further enhanced. The painting also can be put up admist a cluster of other paintings of similar themes.

Paintings are delicate pieces of art used as embellishment for the ambience of the house. They add interest to the room but their proper arranging can sometimes be stressful. However, with a little sense of creative interior designs one can transform the entire outlook of a room. Arranging a photo wall in advance can help here. Other arrangements can then be played around this place like putting up green plants, exquisite vase and cushion pillows and other stuffs in a pattern until one is satisfied.

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