The Potato Eaters by Van Gogh

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Paintings are the ornaments of decorating the house. Paintings constitute an important pillar of interior designing and choosing the right kind of paintings that fits the décor of your house-the wall paint, the furniture and other arrangements, can greatly improve the aesthetics of your house. The sight of a beautiful painting hanging provides a lot of peace and solace to the soul.

The Potato Eaters

The Potato Eaters is one of 100 most famous paintings produced by the Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh in the nineteenth century. The painting reveals the painter’s near mastery of drawing human shapes and figures, though the message of the painting itself is profound- it is enmeshed in sensuousness and compassion. The painting reflects the banal existence of the peasants in the period of the glorious industrial revolution when Europe was at the height of its glory.

In the painting there are five men sitting at a dining table placed against the backdrop of a shabby and dark house. The five people have mostly gloomy faces and sitting down together to share a meager meal. These simple-hearted and laborious peasants have to toil in the fields incessantly in order to make both ends meet. Their faces and hands are gnarled and dirty, as if, they have been made out of the same earth that they dig. The food (potato) that they are shown eating is what they have produced with their hands- thus indicating that these men are eating what is rightfully theirs.

The potato eaters

The Potato Eaters as a painting to be hung in the house

The painting, which is painted in dark and earthy colors, would fit beautifully well against a wall painted in light colors such as yellow or light blue. The painting has an aesthetic sense to it, as it makes art connect with reality-the real life of the original tillers of the soil. The simple and intimate relationships in the family life of the peasants depict the social and moral bonds of community even in a rapidly developing Western society in the 19th century. The painting hung in the living room of the house is sure to attract the attention of the guests. If the furniture in the room can be accordingly coordinated and proper lighting to match the décor is put up, the entire room can be transformed by one painting.

Painting as an added beauty quotient

Paintings have the capacity to multiply the beauty of the house manifold. Decoration items like paintings, fairy lights and wall hangings provide a look of freshness to the house and their careful selection according to one’ tastes and preferences give a personal touch and the feel that your home is complete. A painting is a work of art that can be used as an instrument to modify or alter the décor of the house in order to obtain a fresh look even when one cannot afford to re-decorate the entire house. The overwhelming sense of depth that a good painting can add to your room can never be overemphasized.

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