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The Kiss by Gustav Klimt is precious for its art value of course but the painter had used silver and gold leafing to decorate part of the painting so it becomes truly precious. One of the most recognised painting of the symbolist painter, it is done in his signature style. The period during which the painting was made is known as the golden period one for his liberal use of golden hues and gold in the paintings and second for the fame he had garnered during this time. Klimt’s art is eclectic and not many would like to showcase him in their homes. But true art lovers always jump at the prospect of owning a Klimt print since they are unlike any other. Klimt is truly one of the most unique artists of all times and paintings like this are only for the true connoisseurs.

Why is the painting so special?

While the subject of the painting is nothing new the way Klimt has represented the two figures of the lovers embracing each other is what makes the piece unique. Klimt had always been fascinated by sex, love and intimacy it can be seen in works like The Beethoven Frieze. In a Klimt it is difficult to ascertain what the subject might be at first glance. His figures are not those of the renaissance masters but a type favoured by the Art Nouveau stylists. The bodies are elongated and misshapen, they seem to be less human and more spirit like in the way they are stretched across the canvas. Klimt can truly lend such an eccentric charm to any wall it is placed in. For those who prefer the sparse, ultra-modern style of furniture would do well to get themselves such iconic modern pieces. Think very shocking use of coloured furniture, a blue table top somewhere, a red chair and an eclectic painting on the wall. In The Kiss the golden robes of the man seem to be part of his very body and the merges with the women’s robes. They seem to be becoming a part of the very landscape as green flowers seem to be growing on the man’s head and creeping up the robes of the woman. The robes and the decorations are all made with gold leaves. While the back wall is bare the ground is crowded with an abundance of flowers. While the whole mood of the painting is not of very bright colours, the pin pricks of flowers and designs on the woman’s dress seem fresh even today.

the kiss 1908

For some rooms only

It is sad how many people just flock to the paintings that have boring landscapes, the same old Venus and nudes and rosy angels. But if you do happen to buy a print or an original of eclectic paintings that artists tend to paint more of these days, people will pay attention. Sometimes decide to do stray from the crowd, try to endorse the young artists who are working in mixed media these days, endorse their art.


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