Road with Cypress and Star by Van Gogh

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Paintings adorn our house with their beauty. In order to bring a certain sense of balance and harmony to the room it becomes necessary to put the paintings in happy conversation with the surrounding furnishings. Paintings have their own way of enlightening the house with their splendor and if positioned in conformity with the decor, the entire room can be transformed by their appeal.

Road with Cypress and Star as a piece of art

Road with Cypress and Star, also known as Country Road in Provence by Night, is an oil-on-canvas painting which was carved by the famous painter Vincent Van Gogh in 1890. This wholesome painting is part of the Van Gogh collection of Kroller-Muller-Museum located in the Hoge Veluwe National Park at Otterlo in the Netherlands. The painting depicts a tall and sturdy cypress tree standing alone in the dark, as if radiating the desire to join the star in the sky. The majesty of the cypress tree greatly impresses Gogh and he makes the cypress the central theme of his many other paintings as well. The cypress represents for Gogh a symbol of rapture and nocturnal magic. On one side of the cypress is a star and on the other side there is a crescent moon. Two men at the right end corner of the picture are seen taking a stroll in the dark beside the yellow wheat fields. The ambience resembles that of a picturesque village, unadorned in outlook. It is left to the observer to draw conclusions regarding the mood of the painting. One can decipher the overall ambience as that of darkness and gloom as represented by the standalone cypress tree or one of a happy night exuding calmness.

Vincent van Gogh Road with Cypress and Star

The painting as a decorative element

The painting can be hung in any corner of the house to get a feel of its elegance. The background of the painting being mostly dark would go well if put up on walls with light colors or with flowery wallpapers. The scenery being one of repose and calmness, the light settings in the room can be arranged accordingly. A string of yellow fairy lights or a lantern lamp radiating yellow light placed right above the wall painting would complement its beauty greatly. Additionally, if wall hangings in blue and yellow colors can be put up in other corners of the room it would sure make the room look brighter and more attractive. It also adds to the aesthetic sense of the house.

Collecting art is a thrill to many. However, one also has to be careful to learn the art of putting up paintings in the right place to enable it to blossom. Every painting is unique and should be accorded its due place in the house. When displaying a collection of art it becomes essential to connect the paintings by a common thread of the collection (maybe the theme or the common color element) and hang accordingly.  Such an arrangement shall make the collection look cohesive but not boring because perfection lies in the irregularity and not accurate measurements of positioning.

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