Most Famous Julius Caesar Painting

Peter Paul Rubens Julius Caesa

History reveals that many old masters felt in love with the art, culture, literature, philosophy, figures, and stories as they were the common representations of heroism, strength, constancy and many other emotions. One such admirer was better known as Peter Paul Rubens, who collected many such antique works, and they had a direct impact on his professional and personal life as well. He was a passionate collector of portrait busts, architectural artifacts, cameos, gems, medals, coins, and books as well. While sharing a remarkable bond with antiquity; he slowly turned out to be an artist and created many masterpieces after getting inspired from many of his antique collections. One of those artworks was the large portrait of Julius Caesar.

Julius Caesar: The stunning creation by Rubens

This Roman statesman in the painting is gazing to the right in his painting, and his laureate heads appear to be proud and well-fixed to display his status as one famous man in history. The bright red cloak is surrounding his chest while revealing the glimpse of the silver cuirass, which witnesses the journey of his military career. Rubens finished his face with the smooth and flowing touch of brush whereas the laurel crown and cloak were executed with sketchier and swifter stroke.

Once Rubens bought the Carleton’s sculpture collection and listed his 18 impressive marble portraits of emperors in the collection out of which one was “testa di Giulio Cesare.” Rubens hanged this collection the specially designed art gallery at his home.

Although Rubens was deeply connected to antique sculpture; he games more lively feel to Julius Caesar’s painting where he displayed a prided face with higher perfection. The skin surface, face contours, sides of the nose, and the light on the face; everything is well adjusted to convey the immediacy and spontaneity.

Rubens Caesar Louvre

The popularity of portraiture in Rubens’s era:

Note that, Julius Caesar was one of the famous Roman emperors that were painted by many artists from 1625 to 1626. Paintings of 6 emperors, including Julius Caesar, were sold by Rubens in 1821 in the collection of Thomas Jodocus Loridon de Ghellinck. As per the books written by authors in that era, those paintings got huge popularity worldwide; especially among printmakers, painters and other art lovers. These incredible portraits of famous emperors became an integral part of art history, and they were kept by many unknown private collectors’ from time to time. Rubens theme of Twelve Caesars got more popularity around the world for its unique theme and incredible execution. Those portraits left a remarkable impact on the overall life of Ruben, and he is still remembered for his amazing contribution to the world of art.

Many modern age portrait painters are also inspired by this antiquarian and artist who gave a new definition to the art. You can find many such incredible artworks online from some renowned artists. If you can’t afford original artwork, get a museum quality oil painting reproduction is a perfect alternative.

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