Asian Canvas Tips: How To Add Asian Flavor To Your Home


You can create an Asian flavor in your home cheaply. It isn’t necessary to buy antique Asian furniture or place an expensive Chinese vase in your living room. You can get inexpensive decor pieces that represent Asian culture such as Asian canvas wall art or Japanese fans that you can put on your walls.

Choose simple furniture or pieces that use Asian materials such as bamboo. Asian decor is typically simple and minimalist. Think clean lines, low beds and seating. Many people relate certain colors to Asian culture such as gold, red and black. Use these colors for your decor accents or upholstery.

Place tapestries with Asian landscapes on your wall or hang framed Chinese calligraphy prints. Use Shoji lamps for lighting instead of regular lamps. Place a sake set on your coffee table instead of the usual coffee table book. A sushi set would look suitable in the dining room.

Shoji Lamp

Other things you can use to create an Asian ambiance are little Foo Dogs or Buddha figurines from China, Japanese geisha kimonos, Indian throw pillows, Indonesian masks, and wooden tableware from the Philippines. Instead of getting expensive Chinese vases, you can use cheaper decorative vases in Asian colors.

When decorating in Asian style it is also important to stick to one theme from one country. Mixing up Indonesian decor pieces with Asian canvas from China or Japan won’t look quite right. Explore various Asian cultures and designs to discover which specific Asian theme you want to create in your own home.

Simple Symbols

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