Franz Marc – Expressing the Being of Animals

Marc horses

Although history displays names of famous artists in different centuries, there was something different about Franz Marc. He is always remembered for his immense love towards animals, and it is depicted in all his paintings. Marc designed several paintings in his lifetime, and most of them were based on animals. He used to express the deepest details using brilliant colors and simplified cubist forms. One of his most popular painting was The Red Horses that displays ultimate sense of perfection and beauty. Unfortunately, this artist died at a very early age of 36 years in World War I.

Franz Marc

The early age:

Franz Marc took birth on 8th February 1880 at Munich, Germany. His father used to work as a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts at Munich; however, Marc was strongly determined to become a priest at the very young age. Later he joined philosophy subject for his higher education, but none of these ideas worked for his professional career. He started taking painting classes from Munich Academy of Fine Arts in 1900.

At that time, Paris was believed to be the hub of artist, and it was the era when Impressionism changed the philosophy of art. Soon he decided to visit Paris so that he could learn the new tactics by studying the famous painters such as Paul Gauguin, van Gogh, and Claude Monet. While learning several new skills as a progressive young artist, Franz Marc traveled to Paris multiple times; first in 1903, then in 1907 and again in 1912. He was highly inspired by the artistic styles of modern French painters.

Marc Franz Blue Horse I

Professional career:

Franz Marc met Wassily Kandinsky at the Academy, and later they founded The Blue Rider art association in collaboration. Later they were accompanied by the  Jawlensky and Gabriele Muenter. The other members of the association were Paul Kee and August Macke. For Franz Marc, this group was more like a home where he could express his deepest ideas about art. The association led a very positive impact on the creativity of Franz Marc and with time he exploded in terms of quantity and quality.

The group used to display its paintings at Munich Tannhauser gallery; they had a group exhibition for The Blue Rider in the year 1911; however, another exhibition for solo artist was organized at Tannhauser in 1913.

Almost all workpieces of Franz Marc were related to animals where he expressed their ultimate harmony with nature. He was actually very spiritual and sensitive man who was interested in painting the world with his love towards animals. One of his most impressive paintings was Fighting Forms that he created in 1914. He died in 1916 at the beginning of World War I.

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